About Barneys

Barney’s started life when two non-Dutch speakers realised that Amsterdam was seriously lacking in hot and hearty meals. There was an abundance of toasties and mediocre coffee with a very cold sense of customer service.

Original partners Paul Gould and Nicky Matthews realised the potential and growth that a Coffeeshop could receive, and purchased their first café in the heart of Amsterdam in ’86. They quickly became popular for their vast variety of meal options, especially their breakfasts which are still a staple part of Barney’s Coffeeshop to this day!

The business was sold to Derry Brett in 1992, this was an important moment in Barney's history which gave birth to the Barney's that we have all come to know and love. Derry managed to combine a brilliant quality menu with high quality herbal strains, creating the Barney’s that we’ve all come to know and love.

From here the company continued to grow, expanding into new business ventures and giving people the chance to explore the all of the products that Barney’s has to offer while enjoying a great meal or an icy draft beer.

You can now enjoy the Barney’s Amsterdam experience in the four locations, including the Coffeeshop, The Farm, Barney’s Uptown and finally Barney’s Lounge!

So whatever you’re in the mood for, make sure you head to Barney’s and we guarantee we will have something to suit your tastes!

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